Introducing SupportGPT™: The Future of Customer Support

Generative AI has taken the world by storm—and customers now expect their support experiences to live up to the ChatGPT standard. Clunky, legacy chatbots will no longer do the job. It’s 2023, and customers are looking for empathetic, human-like responses that are also accurate, relevant, and actionable. 

That’s why Forethought is thrilled to introduce SupportGPT™, the World’s First Generative AI Platform for Customer Support! Leveraging the power of OpenAI’s Large Language Models—the same technology behind ChatGPT—Forethought’s generative AI provides a groundbreaking support experience.

Join us on March 29th as we walk you through the SupportGPT™ platform, hear from SupportGPT™ user Larisa Thomas, Vice President of Operations at Kickfin, and answer any questions you have about this exciting inflection point in the CX industry.

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