What Customer Support AI Can Do For Scaling Businesses

By Deon Nicholas

So, you want to scale your business? 

Well, how can you do that when your customer support teams try to offload their work with outdated chatbots that require a ton of manpower to maintain? 

What if we told you there was an AI customer support tool that can help make one of your costlier departments your most successful in customer satisfaction? 

So forget chatbots that will only confuse and frustrate your customers. And no more wondering, “Well what if we just hired six more agents?” We all know that’s not going to work. Plus, the ramp time for them? Way too long.  

The solution is pretty simple. You need AI for customer support from Forethought. Here, our goal is to make everyone a genius at their jobs using the power of AI. 

Implementing customer support AI means that your customer service agents get highly intelligent assistance when dealing with customer questions and concerns, making for fast and highly specific responses every time. 

Sounds good, right? 

Here’s how you can use AI for customer support to uncomplicate business and help grow your business and support teams. 

Reduce Complexity

We get it. Your product, like countless others, can be confusing to talk about and has a million different facets that you might have to explain. 

And if you do business in different regions of the world, the knowledge your agents need to have will vary even more. When clients reach out to your customer service reps, it’s likely challenging for them to keep track of everything your product or service offers. 

Can you imagine the stress of having to be an open knowledge source all the time? 

This is where the help of AI comes in. AI tools like Forethought’s own SolveTriage, and Assist tools are made to reduce the complexity surrounding your product and business — especially in providing support to your customers. 

By having access to the totality of the information in your database, AI for customer support can recommend the most accurate responses to your customer service agents. 

Think about that: all the internal chaos your business might experience, swept away.

Provide Faster Solutions 

As an organization that is looking to grow using the best available tools, you want to provide the fastest solutions to your customers possible. 

While average response times for email and chat can vary (up to 12 hours and 1 hour respectively,) you don’t necessarily want customers waiting that long to get resolutions to their issues. 

Businesses that are looking to scale need to resolve their poor resolution time metrics if they want to prove they can provide quality service to their current and future customers. 

Here is where an AI tool for your customer support teams would help. With the help of customer support AI, your team will be able to automate responding to repetitive tickets that they see come in multiple times a day. You’d be able to have AI respond to those repetitive questions and get customers answers instantly. 

Imagine if your agents didn’t have to manually respond to the same answer 50 times a day? How much time do you think you’d save? 

Because AI takes in all of your historical data, macros, and current knowledge bases, your customers can get answers for almost anything and your agents can get help in searching through that sea of knowledge.  

Help Keep Up With KPIs

It’s not easy to qualify customer service. There are many metrics out there that you can measure, and each one alone won’t tell you too much so you’re stuck trying to track them all. This puts stress on your agents to meet SLAs and your objectives. Remove the worries about your agents keeping up with your KPIs because when you use an AI tool, you can meet your metric goals and push your org in the right direction. 

KPIs are important to any organization because they do one of three things: 

  • Help focus on strategic and operational improvement
  • Create an analytical basis for decision making
  • Help bring attention to what matters most

Why wouldn’t you want help improving the data your KPIs can provide? 

The list of what AI can do for your agents is extensive

You’ll see faster response times so that they can get to more customers with complex issues. 

Agents will provide accurate and precise answers so that customers better understand your product and have any concerns alleviated. 

Customers will still get personalized replies to queries, resulting in feelings of being valued and understood. 

The list goes on and on. 

Combine Human + Machine

Your customers want one of two things: to either be able to self-serve and find the solution to their problem on their own, or to chat with a person in real time who can help them resolve their issue. 

That’s why AI-assisted customer service is ideal. 

With the help of customer support AI, you can make that self-serve process easy. Your customers will be able to ask an AI widget a range of questions and get instant answers. If they don’t resolve their problem then they can be escalated to chat with someone who can help them. 

And when an agent gets a ticket that may require them to know more about a specific topic than they might currently know, our AI tool can assist them in finding the information they need to respond to the support request. AI can help every step of the process. 

One awesome thing about Forethought and our AI tools is that they learn from an organization’s data using Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding. This means that our AI tools can understand intent and sentiment, making getting through ticket requests breezier. And because you can modify how responses go out, humanity is still there in your resolutions. 

Having a human at the other end of a conversation can be the difference between a client feeling valued or a client feeling disconnected. So, don’t reduce human involvement, complement it with AI instead. 

Choosing Forethought

You may have heard before that our mission at Forethought is to enable everyone to be a genius at their jobs. And we’re starting with customer support teams. 

Our AI tools have proven useful and have enabled customer support teams at companies such as Upwork, LimeThumbtack, and D2L. We’ve helped them better respond to customer support requests while improving customer experience and customer satisfaction. 

If you’re ready to experience the astounding benefits AI for customer support can bring to your customer agent teams, we encourage you to book a demo

Still have questions? Browse our customer case studies to see just how we’ve made an impact. 

Dive in.

Interested in generative AI for customer support? Check out this guide to learn about the 3 key pillars you need to get started.

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