Predict, prioritize, and triage tickets with intelligent process automation.

When an agent’s support in resolving a ticket is needed, our AI uses historical knowledge, sentiment, and intent to automatically predict characteristics, properly prioritize, and route to the right team.
Sentiment: Positive
Entity: Account
Intent: Transfer to Agent
Entity: IRA account
Context Switching: Additional Request

How we triage

AI that better analyzes tickets for agent handoff accelerates response time.

  • Smart routing that uses your data to accurately connect with the best help.
  • Classifies urgency and spam with expert accuracy.
  • Comprehends sentence structure, meaning, synonyms, tone, and nuance.

Expect more from AI-powered support triage.


Intelligent predictions.

Our AI uses natural language processing to predict CSAT and other support case characteristics by automatically detecting and labeling sentiment on every case.

Instant tagging and routing.

Forethought instantly tags support cases, prioritizes critical ones, and then routes to the right team based on sentiment, intent, and language.

Spam detection.

Our AI has a 90%+ accuracy rate when it comes to deflecting and eliminating spam and repetitive tickets. Your agents can get back to delighting customers.

Pre-built models.

We deliver pre-built intent models for common customer concerns, so you can get up and running fast—no building from scratch.


accuracy in spam elimination


languages supported

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The leading platform for AI-first customer experiences.

See why our AI platform is better at predicting, prioritizing, and routing support tickets.

Our platform

Complete platform

Transform your entire customer service lifecycle on one platform, from resolving common cases instantly to tagging and routing tickets and assisting agents with relevant knowledge.

True AI

Leave traditional chatbots behind with cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding models that train themselves on real conversation history and knowledge base articles.

Rapid time to value

Accelerate ROI with expert-led implementation of our AI into your systems faster than any other solution.

Security and trust

Our proprietary technology undergoes regular security design reviews and is compliant with ISO 27001 and certified for SOC 2.

See the whole picture.

Get better customer service metrics with Forethought Analyze. Learn what’s working in your customer support interactions, and what needs improvement.


“Forethought was quite a bit more accurate than the homegrown triage bot we’d built, across the board, and we were pleasantly surprised that we’d get return data back in seconds rather than minutes.”

Think outside the bot.

See how AI that puts humans first—across the entire support journey—can transform the customer experience and accelerate agent productivity.

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