Empower agents with an AI assistant.

Our AI assists your agents by surfacing relevant knowledge articles, past cases, and productivity-boosting tools as soon as they open a new case.

How we assist

AI that continuously assists your agents improves their performance.

  • Fits into any workflow, requiring little to no training.
  • Smart search and custom filters so agents can work the way that works best for them.
  • Works across channels so agents can support email, phone, and chat queues.

Expect more from your AI-powered agent assistant.


Complete ticket context.

Our AI reduces time to resolution by surfacing existing macros, past tickets about similar questions, and current ticket history, all within the agent’s help desk as soon as they open the case.

Knowledge from any source.

Forethought enables agents to search any knowledge base or website right within the help desk and get relevant, AI-powered answers.

Next-level productivity.

AI isn’t only about answers—it’s also about streamlining the agent’s process. Agents can respond more quickly with autocomplete, in-line commands, and other shortcuts.

Instant call-backs.

Forethought integrates seamlessly with Dialpad and Talkdesk, meaning agents can speak with a customer live, instantly.

Built for your help desk.

Our AI integrates with your favorite helpdesk, allowing agents to work smarter in the environment they know best.

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increase in agent efficiency


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The leading platform for AI-first customer experiences.

See how Forethought Assist empowers support agents with true AI.

Our platform

Complete platform

Transform your entire customer service lifecycle on one platform, from resolving common cases instantly to tagging and routing tickets and assisting agents with relevant knowledge.

True AI

Leave traditional chatbots behind with cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding models that train themselves on real conversation history and knowledge base articles.

Rapid time to value

Accelerate ROI with expert-led implementation of our AI into your systems faster than any other solution.

Security and trust

Our proprietary technology undergoes regular security design reviews and is compliant with ISO 27001 and certified for SOC 2.

See the whole picture.

Get better customer service metrics with Forethought Analyze. Learn what’s working in your customer support interactions, and what needs improvement.


“Forethought Assist saves us time and increases our efficiency while improving our ability to provide fast and accurate answers to our clients.”

Think outside the bot.™

See how AI that puts humans first—across the entire support journey—can transform the customer experience and accelerate agent productivity.

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