The AI-First Customer Support Automation Platform

AI-first customer support automation is now a reality. Make your helpdesk superhuman!
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The Complete, AI-First Customer Support Automation Platform

SupportGPT leverages Large Language Models—the same technology behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT—and fine-tunes them on your customers’ conversation history.

Autoflows are first-of-its-kind, advanced customer support automation built into SupportGPT. Support agents can specify their objectives in plain language, triggering an Autoflow to find and build relevant policies, steps and actions focused on that goal.

The AI then communicates with the customer autonomously and on-brand as it resolves issues and recommends next best actions.


Human-like conversations

Empathetic, dynamic responses—powered by the same AI models behind ChatGPT—which adapt to conversation and user context. SupportGPT customer support automation AI executes natural conversations between customers and AI models trained on your trusted data and real, historical agent interactions.

Automated workflow discovery

Fully integrated customer support automation uses your conversation history to detect intents and uncover new workflows automatically. Discover process gaps, then generate workflows automatically for any scenario based on past agent conversations, brand preferences, and user prompts.

Complete agent responses

Agents get fully-formed suggested responses automatically—customer support automation is based on ticket context and powered by generative AI.

Gap analysis & content generation

Be notified of support coverage gaps and use AI-powered customer support automation to generate new knowledge articles to fill gaps and lower case volume.

Accelerate time to value for your team and your customers

See immediate results with hassle-free implementation and easily edit an autoflow using natural language, freeing up time for strategic, complex tasks that require a human.

Customer support automation powered by trusted and secure AI

Rest easy knowing we take data privacy and security seriously and are trusted by top brands. Our proprietary technology undergoes regular security design reviews and is compliant with ISO 27001 and certified for SOC 2.

Trained on your customer support data

Leave traditional bots behind with cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding models that train themselves on Large Language Models as well as real conversation history and knowledge base articles.

True partnership

We don’t abandon you when the contract is signed. Forethought’s CX team provides white-glove service every step of the way, ensuring your continued ROI.

See it live in action.

The bots below have been automatically trained in the SupportGPT™ Playground using the organization’s public-facing help center URL.

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Ordered the wrong size? Curious about shipping policies? See how SupportGPT customer support automation could help!

Open Playground


Nobody loves tax season…but what if you had generative AI to help sift through all the IRS help docs?

Open Playground


Where’s your ride? How do you get a refund? See how SupportGPT AI does customer support automation

Open Playground

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Forethought’s SupportGPT™ Platform infuses generative AI throughout the entire customer support lifecycle.

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