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See How You Compare to Competitors With Our 2024 AI in CX Benchmark Report

With the 2024 AI in CX Benchmark Report, we’re providing actionable data and insight on the AI trends, strategies, and practices that matter most to you and your customers. CX can refer…
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3 Systems You Need for Scaling Your Support Operations

How can you apply this to your customer service operations to realize ROI and retain customers and employees?
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Lime Provides Fast, Scalable Service with a 77% Reduction in Response Time

Lime strives to make customer support effortless. This means not handing customers off to multiple departments and making it easy for them to self-serve.
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7 Tactics Customer Service Leaders Use to Drive Growth

While Sales, Marketing, and Product Development are usually credited with company growth, recent data shows the vital role Customer Support plays in growing and scaling. In fact, 78% of customers are willing…
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