Maximize ROI and take action with proactive support insights.

Forethought Discover enables you to easily analyze unstructured data across all support cases and channels. With valuable insights and recommendations at your fingertips, you can optimize operations and make data-driven decisions to drive growth.

How we Discover

Intelligent insights and actionable recommendations improve performance and drive growth.

  • Powerful reporting at your fingertips, making it easier to find support insights
  • Analytics you can share across departments
  • Actionable recommendations you can use to make smarter and faster business decisions

Empower your teams with proactive CX insights so that they can take action and maximize ROI.


Powerful analysis made easy.

With Discover, you get analytics on unstructured data at your fingertips. No need to bring in the data scientists for the heavy lifting—you can sit back and let human-centered AI do its thing.

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Holistic insights for every department.

Discover will automatically surface insights on all of your support interactions and track the most common topics and requests, including product and sales feedback.

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Actionable analytics to drive growth.

Through Discover, your team can benefit from AI-powered coaching, workflow suggestions, and even knowledge center recommendations — enabling you to optimize operations and fill knowledge gaps as they arise.

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The leading platform for AI-first customer experiences.

See why our AI platform is built differently from the ground up.

Our platform

Complete platform

Transform your entire customer service lifecycle on one platform, from resolving common cases instantly to tagging and routing tickets and assisting agents with relevant knowledge.

True AI

Leave traditional chatbots behind with cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding models that train themselves on real conversation history and knowledge base articles.

Rapid time to value

Accelerate ROI with expert-led implementation of our AI into your systems faster than any other solution.

Security and trust

Our proprietary technology undergoes regular security design reviews and is compliant with ISO 27001 and certified for SOC 2.

Think outside the bot.™

Everyone hates traditional chatbots.

See a demo of Forethought today and learn how our Generative AI Platform is driving efficiency and ROI for top support teams.

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