Evolve your customer service with true AI.

Customers deserve more than a chatbot. Go beyond conversational AI to deliver experiences that delight at every stage of the customer journey.


Simple customer questions deserve instant answers.

When customers have simple requests—for example, about product functionality or password resets—they would often rather self-service than talk with a customer support agent.

Forethought Solve empowers customers to self-serve.

Our AI resolves simple, repetitive tickets automatically, lowering customer wait times, enhancing self-service, and reducing ticket volume and backlog for agents.



accuracy in ticket resolution


Categorizing and routing cases is costly and time-consuming.

Cases must be categorized, prioritized, and routed to the right support team if needed—a time-consuming manual process that too often results in a poor customer experience.

Forethought Triage instantly predicts, prioritizes, and routes.

Our AI accelerates first response time by using historical knowledge to predict ticket characteristics and detect sentiment and intent, then route to the right team.



accuracy in spam elimination


Service agents need relevant information and suggestions at their fingertips.

Your team has the collective knowledge, but it’s spread across systems, records, and notes. How can you tap into the right information at the right time?

Forethought Assist turbocharges agent efficiency.

Our AI surfaces past tickets about similar questions, other knowledge sources and productivity-saving shortcuts right within the agent’s help desk the moment they open a new case.



increase in agent productivity


self-serve rate


spam prediction accuracy


increase in agent productivity

See the whole picture.

Not only does our AI deliver a better experience for your customers and agents, it also delivers better metrics to you. With Forethought Discover, you’ll gain the data you need to make the right decisions and improve every customer interaction.

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The leading platform for customer-first AI.

See why Forethought’s AI platform transcends chatbot status to offer customers and service teams the experiences they deserve.

Complete platform

Transform your entire customer service lifecycle on one platform, from resolving common cases instantly to tagging and routing tickets and assisting agents with relevant knowledge.

True AI

Leave traditional chatbots behind with cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding models that train themselves on real conversation history and knowledge base articles.

Rapid time to value

Accelerate ROI with expert-led implementation of our AI into your systems faster than any other solution.

Security and trust

Our proprietary technology undergoes regular security design reviews and is compliant with ISO 27001 and certified for SOC 2.

“Forethought allows me the ability to answer tickets quickly if needed, which in turn opens up more time to focus on tickets that I feel require more attention.”

Keep your customer data safe.

Our adherence to security regulations and standards, secure-by-design methods, and continuous reviews ensure our platform helps you build and keep your customers’ trust.

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Think outside the bot.™

Everyone hates traditional chatbots.

See a demo of Forethought today and learn how our Generative AI Platform is driving efficiency and ROI for top support teams.

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