Transform your customer service with the complete generative AI platform.

Forethought goes beyond conversational AI to deliver experiences that delight at every stage of the customer journey.


Simple customer questions deserve instant answers.

When customers have simple requests—for example, about product functionality or password resets—they would often rather self-serve than talk with a customer support agent.

Forethought Solve uses generative AI to automate answers to common questions.

Solve resolves tickets automatically—lowering customer wait times, enhancing self-service, and reducing ticket volume and backlog for agents.



accuracy in ticket resolution


Tagging and routing cases is costly and time-consuming.

Cases must be categorized, prioritized, and routed to the right support team if needed—a time-consuming, manual process that too often results in a poor customer experience.

Forethought Triage instantly enriches cases with sentiment and intent, then prioritizes and routes automatically.

Triage accelerates first response time by using historical knowledge to predict ticket characteristics and detect sentiment and intent, then route to the right team.



accuracy in spam elimination


Service agents need relevant information and suggestions at their fingertips.

Your team has the collective knowledge, but it’s spread across systems, records, and notes. How can you tap into the right information at the right time?

Forethought Assist ramps agents faster and empowers them with relevant knowledge and ready-made responses.

Assist gives every agent superpowers by surfacing complete ticket context, access to knowledge from any source, and fully-formed suggested responses—all in the agent’s help desk.



increase in agent productivity


You need the right insights to take the right actions at the right time.

As a Customer Support leader, it’s not enough to provide a stellar customer experience—you’re also tasked with doing more with less and proving ROI.

Forethought Discover optimizes your customer support org with recommended workflows, content, and analytics to maximize ROI.

Discover empowers your teams with proactive CX insights, auto-generated workflows and content so that they can take action and maximize ROI.


self-serve rate


spam prediction accuracy


increase in agent productivity

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The most advanced generative AI agent for customer support and your 24/7 AI team member.

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Accelerate Productivity With Ease

Integrate AI into your team to do more with less.

AI Built For You

Use your proprietary data to build AI as unique as your customers.

Secure & Trusted Partner

Tackle today’s customer experience challenges with a partner who has your back.

“Forethought allows me the ability to answer tickets quickly if needed, which in turn opens up more time to focus on tickets that I feel require more attention.”

Keep your customer data safe.

Our adherence to security regulations and standards, secure-by-design methods, and continuous reviews ensure our platform helps you build and keep your customers’ trust.

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Experience the Future of Customer Support with Forethought

Turn your data into a strategic advantage with our autonomous AI solution.

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