Precise, automatic issue resolution creates happier customers.

Forethought Solve uses your historical data, combined natural language understanding and generative AI to build the right policy and actions automatically, giving customers the answers they need instantly.

Forethought Solve

Autonomous, automatic policy creation and ticket resolution across multiple channels.

  • Generative AI models automatically trained on your historical ticket data.
  • Powered by Natural Language Understanding, not keywords.
  • Comprehends sentence structure, meaning, synonyms, tone, and nuance.
  • Extracts the perfect answer from millions of documents and cases.
  • Solves questions instantly and autonomously via widget, email, or other channels

Autonomous, AI-first customer support — your team’s competitive advantage.


Detect customer intent automatically.

Deploy generative AI-powered intent detection to personalize the self-serve experience, and get intelligent recommendations on new intent clusters.

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Build intricate workflows for any channel.

With Workflow Builder, AI is no longer a black box. Access pre-built workflows or easily create next-generation autonomous actions in simple, natural language with Autoflows. Then integrate with any system and deploy across multiple channels.

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Automate actions via email and more.

Automate email support with customizable responses and actions, and create custom API calls or use templates to integrate with any system and deploy across any channel.

Learn more about our integration with Zendesk’s Sunshine Conversations and our omnichannel capabilities

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Take action with analytics.

Track effectiveness of individual workflows, and easily adjust workflows based on performance.

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accuracy in ticket resolution


languages supported

Up to 60%

ticket deflection

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The leading generative AI platform for customer support automation.

See why our generative AI platform is built differently from the ground up.

Our platform

Complete platform powered by generative AI

Forethought infuses generative AI across the entire support ticket lifecycle—boosting efficiency and the customer experience.

Trained On Your Data and LLMs

Forethought learns from your data and from Large Language Models (LLMs), providing customized suggestions and insights.

Crazy-Fast Time to Value

Accelerate ROI with expert-led implementation that allows you to deploy Forethought in weeks instead of months.

Secure & Trusted

Top brands trust Forethought, we’re recognized as a category leader on G2, and we meet rigorous data privacy and security standards.

True Partnership

Forethought’s CX team provides white-glove service every step of the way, ensuring your continued ROI year after year.

Put Generative AI to Work.

Optimize your customer support with recommended workflows, content, and analytics to maximize ROI.


“I am so impressed with the results, so I want to put Forethought in front of every support channel that we have.”

Think outside the bot.™

Everyone hates traditional chatbots.

See a demo of Forethought today and learn how our Generative AI Platform is driving efficiency and ROI for top support teams.

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