Empower customers to self-serve with more than an AI chatbot.

Customers looking for help want fast results—not conversations. Our AI instantly interprets the customer’s exact need and uses your data and custom workflows to find the best answer and take action.

How we solve

AI that understands human language lets you scale support faster.

  • Comprehends sentence structure, meaning, synonyms, tone, and nuance.
  • Entire support ticket is a “query,” not keywords.
  • Extracts the perfect answer from millions of documents.
  • Classifies urgency and spam with expert accuracy.
  • Supports longer queries like email threads.

Expect more from AI that goes beyond a chatbot.


AI-powered answers.

Our AI leverages your existing macros, knowledge articles, and past cases to solve repetitive tickets automatically—so your agents can focus on top-priority cases.

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Self-service on any channel.

Your customers want answers on whatever channel they prefer. Meet them where they are, with AI-powered self-service across chat, email, help desk, social, and more.

Learn more about our new integration with Zendesk’s Sunshine Conversations and our omnichannel capabilities here.

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Custom workflows.

With Workflow Builder, AI is no longer a black box. You can access pre-built workflows or easily build custom experiences with built-in AI to enable customers to take complex actions without needing to pick up the phone.

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Personalized branding.

Our platform is customizable to look like your brand. Your customers will enjoy a seamless experience that feels like you.

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accuracy in ticket resolution


languages supported

Up to 60%

ticket deflection

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The leading platform for AI-first customer experiences.

See why Forethought’s AI-first customer service platform is more accurate than conversational AI.

Our platform

Complete platform

Transform your entire customer service lifecycle on one platform, from resolving common cases instantly to tagging and routing tickets and assisting agents with relevant knowledge.

True AI

Leave traditional chatbots behind with cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding models that train themselves on real conversation history and knowledge base articles.

Rapid time to value

Accelerate ROI with expert-led implementation of our AI into your systems faster than any other solution.

Security and trust

Our proprietary technology undergoes regular security design reviews and is compliant with ISO 27001 and certified for SOC 2.

See the whole picture.

Make informed decisions with actionable customer service metrics at your fingertips. Instantly break down self-serve rate, cost savings, reopen rate, CSAT, volume, and more.


“I am so impressed with the results, so I want to put Forethought in front of every support channel that we have.”

Think outside the bot.™

Everyone hates traditional chatbots.

See a demo of Forethought today and learn how Intelligent Support Automation is driving efficiency and ROI for top support teams.

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