How Auto-Triage Reduces Pressure from Your Customer Support Team

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We know, we know. 

The amount of work your customer support teams have to get through each day can be a lot. We understand how much of a challenge it can be to deal with the multitude of customer questions, queries, and concerns that come streaming in every day. 

That’s not even mentioning the steps your agents have to take to complete a ticket’s cycle. Getting tickets to the right people is its own task, as is finding the right answer for the ticket. Having to tag tickets as they come in is a mundane and repetitive process that anyone would get tired of. 

What if there was a way to speed up the process? Well we’re here to let you know that there is! 

With the help of an auto-triage tool and customer support AI, you can help your agents and help your customers. Agents want to deal with customer concerns as fast as possible but managing the ticket queues is getting in the way.

No longer will support teams need to assign one person to tagging tickets manually, you will now be able to automate the process and allow agents to focus on solving your customers’ problems. 

Wondering what auto-triage brings to the table? Here are three ways AI tools for customer support change the customer support game.  

Routing To The Right Person

Implementing an AI tool for your customer support teams helps increase the precision of who is managing those tickets. 

When a team receives a ticket there are a variety of factors they need to consider before sending it to whoever is best suited to resolve it. If you have one person tagging tickets, then they’re having to consider the ticket’s language, feedback type, product category, and so on. 

Auto-triaging can cut through any of the confusion caused by these requests. 

Instead, through the automated and intelligent process that is auto-triage, tickets are automatically sent through to the right agent. Removing that stress and uncertainty from their shoulders.

This process is very precise. Through the power of artificial intelligence, auto-triaging systems ensure that relevant ticketing factors are considered so that they can be accurately routed. 

Plus, AI tools like Forethought are constantly learning, so those factors are continually being evaluated and built upon. 

Speeding Up The Process

While getting tickets to the right agents is important, the speed at which those tickets reach them (and get answered) is equally as important. It’s no good having a highly accurate routing system if it takes forever for that routing to actually happen. Neither your agents or your customers have time to waste.

Plus, did you know that when it comes to resolving tickets, customers are looking for speedier answers than ever. If you’re running chat or email channels, your customers are expecting resolutions within an hour for chat and within twelve hours for email. But we can do better! 

Luckily, there’s no reason for you to compromise between accuracy and speed. Through auto-triage, your customer support team gets the benefits of both. Forethought’s customer support AI Agatha, for example, can route your tickets with great precision in a matter of seconds. Thus, your customer support team can respond to customer queries with almost no delay.

We’ve noticed that support teams can greatly benefit from auto-triage when they’re struggling to meet SLAs, are noticing efforts dropping in manual tagging, or are looking to improve their overall customer experience. Auto-triage can help your teams resolve customer issues faster, and can help keep customer satisfaction scores high. 

Working Without Bias

Another crucial but often overlooked advantage that comes with AI-guided ticket triaging is the fact that it takes the bias out of the process. Your customer support team is made up of humans (we hope), and humans, no matter how careful, have biases that they bring with them to any given situation. 

It’s no different when a ticket comes up and your team has to manually decide where it ends up. An AI for customer support tool removes that subjectivity from routing, selecting the best-suited people for the given ticket. This, in turn, means greater productivity for your customer support team as well as less waste in its mental resources.  

You also want to keep in mind that without a human having to think about the job they’re doing, the task gets done the same way every time. By increasing the accuracy of this task, your agents don’t have to worry about tickets being sent to the wrong teams and not getting answered within a certain time frame. 

Auto-Triage Is Your Solution

Could your support team benefit from increased accuracy and precision when it comes to ticket tagging? Then you need AI-powered auto-triage for your support efforts. When you support your support teams, you enable them to streamline processes and increase efficiency in helping customers resolve their issues. 

With AI for customer support, you not only provide a tool that improves your agents’ ability to work but you also empower your customers to feel like they can trust your organization and keep them coming back to you for services or support with them. 

If you’re ready to take your support team to the next level by using AI-driven auto-triage for your customer support, we encourage you to book a demo

Have questions? Browse our customer case studies. We have loads of information on how Forethought has changed support teams for a variety of organizations.

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