4 Things AI Can Already Do for Your Business

By Deon Nicholas

“I’ll be back.”

Most people recognize the iconic phrase uttered by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator. After all, he is one of the most famous artificial intelligence (AI) examples ever constructed. 

We have a suggestion for a modern take on this famous line, though.

“I’ll be everywhere.”


Studies show that by the end of 2021, 80% of emerging technologies will have AI foundationsSimilar research reveals 9/10 of top businesses have an ongoing investment in AI, and 37% of organizations worldwide used some form of it last year.

The prevalence of AI is undeniable, and its presence will only increase. Yet, not all businesses have gotten on board. If you are one of those organizations unsure of implementing AI, keep reading. We’ll highlight four ways to use AI for business and the related benefits. 

Enhance Customer Service 

A common misconception among agents and managers is that using AI for customer service will make their roles obsolete. That is not the case. Instead, AI can improve efficiency by giving them the resources needed to meet their service-level agreements (SLAs) and focus on other tasks related to customer satisfaction. It also solves various problems and creates an overall better customer experience by: 

  • Offering self-service options. Tools like Agatha Solve help customers get their answers faster by using knowledge base articles, help desk templates, and other self-service options. 
  • Providing accurate answers. Agatha utilizes all your company’s stored information, so not only will customers get solutions quickly, they’ll get the most accurate ones. 
  • Sending tickets to the right person. Agatha Triage can stop the endless cycle of questions being passed around by routing tickets to an agent best suited to solve them. Additionally, she eliminates spam, triages based on sentiment, and escalates the most pressing needs. 

If you were a customer, we assume you’d be happy to have multiple available channels to seek solutions! 

Provide Accessibility Resources 

We could spend this entire blog arguing the use cases for AI systems in customer service, but as alluded, AI is valuable in multiple business scenarios. 

One such method is opening the door to accessibility. Several companies today use AI to help attract and train employees with various disabilities. For example, Microsoft’s AI accessibility tools advance inclusive hiring by offering employment seekers with disabilities an AI-powered chatbot to identify skills and create profiles for job systems and applications. 

These same tools also provide access to virtual job coaches for candidates with Autism to prepare for interviews in sensory-appropriate settings. Microsoft has also partnered with Gigi’s Playhouse, TRI Industries, and Clover Technologies to develop an open-source conversational AI application to help people with Down syndrome or Autism perform routine manufacturing jobs. The project, AI 4 Good Voice Picking, is intended to be easily expandable to any need, not just in warehouse settings — another indication that AI will only continue to expand into other areas. 

Predict and Understand Consumer Behavior 

If enhancing customer support and training all kinds of employees isn’t enough for you to buy into AI, consider our following scenario: AI can help you better understand your consumer.

No matter what industry your company falls into, consumer needs and desires are ever-changing. That makes it challenging to stay on top of the newest trends or optimize your current services. 

Imagine if you could deploy an AI system that would analyze your online reviews, chatbot interactions, social posts, and more then summarize it into crucial takeaways. You’d be able to understand consumer sentiment quicker and more effectively than ever before. These insights into how people respond to your and your competitor’s products and services could enable you to make more innovative design, forecasting, and production choices. 

AI models like Agatha Triage’s can also help gather metrics to inform your customer and product decisions. With it, you can see common questions, issues, or concerns related to your different offerings and unlock your business’s customer support trends. So, if one of your applications was constantly crashing and leading to an influx of help desk tickets, you could point your development team in the right direction to make improvements. 

If you’re already using AI and want to assist other companies by making it open-source, you can send your data to research teams like Citris and Human Compatible.  

Improve Your SEO and Reach 

You may not be convinced yet, but there’s one aspect of AI you can’t ignore when it comes to business performance. 


Think about it. Over the years, you’ve Googled multitudes of topics, sometimes having your question auto-filled for you. Now, with Google’s Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transforms (BERT), the search engine understands human language as efficiently as a live person. Your result may shock you because BERT helps computers understand human language using a method that mimics human language processing. 

Your business can benefit if you develop BERT SEO-friendly content. You’ll need to craft a strategy that focuses on customer sentiment, complaints, pain points, and user intent. Luckily, you can tap into resources like Alli AI, which scans your existing content and provides SEO and content recommendations that appeal to BERT. 

Additionally, all of the Agatha tools use similar machine learning and natural language processing. Agatha may not exactly help with SEO, but she can improve business site performance by offering customer support analytics that could shape the way you phrase and write service documentation and more. 

Start Using AI Today 

Hopefully, by now, you’re equally convinced that the Terminator’s catchphrase should be, “I’ll be everywhere.”

It’s true.

AI is everywhere, helping businesses enhance their customer support, hire and train a diverse set of employees, better understand their consumer’s wants, and advance their SEO. Honestly, that’s just scratching the surface of the potential AI holds. If you want to discuss more ways AI can help your business or see any Agatha tools in action, let’s chat!

Dive in.

Interested in generative AI for customer support? Check out this guide to learn about the 3 key pillars you need to get started.

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