8 Blogs Every CS and CX Leader Should Follow

By Deon Nicholas

Finding quality information online can be difficult when you feel you’re swimming through an endless sea of content. It can be a lot to get through. 

And as a leader in the customer experience or customer support space, staying on top of news and changes within the CX world should be one of your priorities. 

But how can you navigate the blue depths of customer experience and customer support  blogs when there’s just so much to sift through? 

Leave it to us! 

We’ve put together this list of 8 CX blogs that you might find useful in your efforts to improve your teams, yourself, and your organization. Plus, we’ll fill you in on the best tool available for supporting your support teams. 

That tool is customer support AI, but we’ll fill you in on it later.

Get ready to start reading. 

1. Customers That Stick

Started by customer experience leader Adam Toporek, Customers That Stick is designed to provide an in-depth resource for those interested in customer service and the customer experience. 

Every week you’ll see new content that looks at customer service from many viewpoints, all with an eye towards making sure customers stick and keep coming back to your product or service.

Adam’s experience comes from being a third-generation entrepreneur with extensive experience in retail, wholesale, franchising, and small business. By understanding the impact that customer experience can have on the bottom line and bringing lessons from the front lines of entrepreneurship to organizations of all sizes, Customers That Stick will heavily impact your abilities in the CX space. 

2. Customer Support Leaders

After 25 years managing and working on customer support teams, Charlotte Ward founded a consulting firm that evolved into the Customer Support Leaders blog. 

On this blog you’ll find interviews with customer support leaders who have something new to add to the conversation surrounding improving processes and implementing new strategies to customer experience and overall organizations. 

You’ll also find articles about everything to do with customer support — information about humanizing support, how to manage different employee scenarios, and what to do in tricky spots. 

3. CX Journey

Another fantastic blog founded by a leader in the customer experience world is CX Journey, created by Annette Franz. With 25 years of experience on both the client and vendor sides, she brings quality words of advice to those looking for ways to succeed in their CX journeys. 

On the CX Journey blog, you’ll find roadmaps to improve customer experience and tips on and strategies that will drive culture transformation efforts and ensure that the customer is at the center of all you do. Be sure to check it out. 

4. Customer Bliss 

Known as the “godmother of customer experience,” Jean Bliss has built Customer Bliss to be all about cultivating better leadership and uniting people toward a common mission and improving customer experience. 

On this site you’ll find a myriad of blogs and interviews with customer experience and customer success leaders as well as information all about Jean’s experiences over her 35 years in cultivating customer and organizational success. Her career has taken her to be a 5-time Chief Customer Officer to over 20,000 leaders, so you can bet she has sage words to share. 

5. Adrian Swinscoe’s Blog

As a consultant, writer, speaker, and workshop leader, Adrian Swinscoe’s blog covers everything from customer retention to business purpose and culture as well as digital transformation advice for growing organizations. 

If you’re looking for advice on how to build a better org that is hyper-focused on the customer, then check out his latest articles and podcasts. On his podcast Punk CX, you’ll find conversations with business leaders, such as Forethought’s own Deon Nicholas where they cover many business aspects.   

6. Blake Morgan’s Blog

It’s awesome to see incredible female leaders in the CX space. Blake Morgan comes at us with her own blog in conjunction with authoring best-sellers about customer experience and how to win business. 

In Blake’s keynote speeches and her books, she’s always thinking about the future. What can your org implement today that will see dividends in return later? What tools can you put to use to help how you are scaling your teams? You’ll find everything she has to say and offer about growing business and the customer experience on her website and in her books. Be sure to check out her content. 

7. Shep Hyken’s Blog

Quality content comes from people who have been doing what they do for years and that’s the case for Shep Hyken and his blog. Shep is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement in the speaking profession — that’s just how much of an impact he’s had. 

In a world where it can get kind of boring discussing how to improve organizational processes, Shep makes things fun and exciting. It’s clear why he’s the Chief Amazement Officer at Shep Presentations. He’s worked with companies and orgs that want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees and if you’re ready to change things with Shep’s advice then check out his website. 

8. Customer Think

Not every CX blog was founded by a top 50 CX leader, but every blog definitely gets contributions from those leaders and many others.

At Customer Think, you’ll find a global online community of business leaders authoring useful articles and blog posts on improving customer experience and customer engagement, enabling better leadership, and using better technology to help every aspect of business.

As the largest online community for all things CX, you’ll want to be following this blog for sure. 

Using The Right Tools 

We mentioned before that we’re well aware how difficult it can be to find the content you’re searching for. 

We hope this blog gives you some insight into who and where you could look to when seeking CX advice that is actually going to be relevant and valuable to you. 

When you have the right tools in place, you can do anything for your organization. 

So why not provide your customers and your customer support agents with the best tool available for businesses who are looking to automate mundane tasks and help create a better self-serve process?

That tool is customer support AI. 

With AI for customer support you can help your customer support teams and in turn your entire organization. 

If you’re interested in learning more about AI for self service, triaging tickets, and assisting your agents in finding responses to customer queries, you might want to check out our customer case studies. 

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Dive in.

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