Conversational AI For Customer Service – What to Know 2022

Providing excellent customer experience is a critical part of a successful business. A happy customer is a returning customer, which is why it is important to seek out ways to provide a better, more personalized experience. 

As technology has become an integral part of nearly everyone’s lives, its use in improving customer service has grown increasingly relevant. Online support, chatbots, and other technological means of providing customer service help to save businesses time and money and keep customers happy. With the rise of conversational AI, businesses can provide even better customer service.

What Is Conversational AI?

Conversational artificial intelligence, or conversational AI, is a type of artificial intelligence that enables machines to analyze, understand, and respond to human interactions in meaningful and helpful ways. You can think of conversational AI as a more intelligent chatbot or virtual assistant, like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

Conversational AI is able to learn from human interaction by recognizing common phrases or requests and offering better, more relevant responses through continued interactions.

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How Does Conversational AI Work?

Conversational AI works through analyzing patterns of human interaction to better support the person it is interacting with. Almost like getting to know someone new, the more data conversational AI can collect through conversations with you—whether through text or speech—the more it learns to provide relevant answers, better support, and a better overall user experience.

You may have already used conversational AI in your daily life without realizing it. You have most likely used a voice assistant while trying to set up a doctor’s appointment. Instead of having to speak with a receptionist, a voice assistant can help you set up an appointment by recognizing specific voice commands, such as, “Schedule an appointment” or “Make a new appointment”.

Many homes nowadays have conversational AI technology like a Google Home or Amazon Echo. These types of virtual personal assistants can learn your routine and help with an increasing amount of requests. Through your interaction with these various types of conversational AI, you help them learn to help you in your daily life.

Why Conversational AI Is Important in Customer Service

Conversational AI helps businesses better serve their customers by providing another resource customers can use. When a customer has a question or a problem, they can connect with conversational AI. That conversational AI, as a customer service chatbot or voice assistant, can guide customers to the support they need. 

Customer service typically requires a team of employees to help customers, but when there are more customers than employees to help, this can lead to unsatisfied customers and fewer sales. Through conversational AI, more customers can be served, saving employees time to help those customers with more pressing needs. 

As conversational AI interacts with your customers, it can learn to provide better support. Common requests will lead to faster responses, and faster responses lead to happier, more loyal customers.

What Is an Example of Conversational AI in Customer Service?

An example of conversational AI in customer service is an AI-powered chatbot. AI-powered chatbots offer more help than traditional chatbots because they continuously learn from previous interactions with customers by analyzing common phrases, simple questions, and frequent requests. Traditional chatbots are preprogrammed with set responses triggered by specific words or phrases.

As businesses grow, they need additional resources to better support their customers. With conversational AI chatbots and other types of AI, customers can get help faster and even outside of business hours. Plus, with multiple types of conversational AI available, customers can get the help they need in a variety of ways.

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What Conversational AI Can Do for Your Customer Service

Conversational AI provides an additional way to serve your customers. By implementing conversational AI into your own business, you can improve your customer service in a number of ways. Here are a few benefits of conversational AI used for personalized customer service:

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the sole purpose of customer service, and conversational AI helps you better support your customers. Conversational AI gives you the ability to serve your customers faster. They do not need to wait for an employee to help them. They can simply call a voice assistant or talk with the chatbot on your website, and get the help they need when they need it. 

As conversational AI continuously learns from customer interactions, it can better serve them and serve them faster. 

Maximize Customer Service Efficiency

Another great benefit of using conversational AI for customer service is its efficiency. Customers can receive prompt support simply by engaging with one of your conversational AI tools. A quick phone call or connection to a chatbot can help the customer get the service they need immediately. 

Customers can access conversational AI to receive an update on a recent order or to find out store hours. They no longer have to go to the actual location of the business to speak with an employee. Conversational AI provides quick and efficient customer service.

24/7 Customer Support

Not all customer schedules match your business’s hours of operation, so conversational AI is a powerful tool for customers to receive 24/7 support. This service allows customers to receive the help they need in real time, even if your business is closed.

This level of customer service puts the customer first and assures that you have a way to help them at any time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Conversational AI in Customer Service

How is Conversational AI Being Used in Customer Support?

Conversational AI is being used in customer support as another source for customers to get help from businesses. Whether a customer has a complaint, needs an update on an order, or has a question about a product, conversational AI enables customers to receive quick answers to their requests. 

What Can Conversational AI Be Used For?

Conversational AI can be used to better support your customers. There are several types of conversational AI that your customers can use through voice or text to receive the help they need at the time they request help, even if your business is closed at that time. Conversational AI provides another resource for you to serve your customers.

Is Chatbot a Conversational AI?

Yes, a chatbot is conversational AI. There are chatbots with preprogrammed answers triggered by specific words or phrases, but intelligent chatbots actually learn through interacting with people. Conversational AI chatbots can analyze commonly used words or phrases and learn to provide better, more relevant answers to future requests. The more you interact with a conversational AI chatbot, the more it can learn from you and help you.