How AI Enables Support Teams to Provide Great Customer Service

By Deon Nicholas

The customer is king. Modern enterprise organizations face the same challenges as mom-and-pop shops but at a massive scale. A disgruntled customer base could make for a struggling company, and no one wants that. 

One of the best ways to go about boosting customer satisfaction is by having a strong customer support team that handles buyer concerns with ease. 

So, just what is the best way to empower your support team? 

Today that answer is easy: with customer support AI. 

Using customer support AI for your enterprise means your support team has an incredibly intelligent assistant to guide them through each customer query. At Forethought, we have our very own AI, Agatha, who has already shown businesses like D2L the power of AI to transform customer service.

Here are four ways an AI tool like Forethought’s Agatha can help your support team be better than ever before. 

AI Delivers Necessary Information

When implementing a customer support AI to improve your teams, data intake is a crucial first step that will allow for the AI to pull the necessary data for ticket responses. Your AI should have access to all the data your support team can access; from your CRM and historical ticket database to your knowledge management tools. 

As a result, an AI like Agatha can use any of that data to come up with accurate responses to customer concerns and suggest them to your support team on the fly. This means your team can spend less time researching and more time answering.

AI Gives You Answers Fast

Speed is crucial when dealing with customers, which is why first response time is such a common metric in SLAs. Many consumers aren’t very fond of waiting, and the longer it takes your support team to respond to them, the more anxious or agitated they can become. Customer support AI helps your team meet those SLAs and can assist in improving KPIs.

Not a problem when using AI for customer support! AI tools are as fast as they are knowledgeable. All that information used as an input for your AI? Well, AI can turn that into optimal answers in as little as 24 hours. 

Did you know you can also layer different types of AI for different types of tickets? That’s what we’re doing at Forethought! Think about the types of tickets that come in to your support agents. 

For example, being able to have a fully automated experience might be perfect for a simple ticket. Simple or Tier 1 tickets are common, straight-forward questions like “What is your return policy?” or “How do I create an account?” 

More complex tickets, or Tier 2 tickets, on the other hand, can be resolved more quickly by automatically routing the ticket to the right person and having them find the answer via an assist tool which provides information for agents right then and there. 

AI Analyzes Data Better 

When it comes to crunching numbers, an AI tool has us beat by a considerable margin. The same goes for simply analyzing and finding data. We know businesses can be complicated and heavy on the facts and figures, and with such expansive knowledge bases it can be difficult to find accurate information.

With that in mind, there are going to be some client queries that require some superhuman calculations, or just the ability to find information incredibly quickly. Seeing as we’ve yet to crack the code on creating a calculator implant, a super-intelligent AI can help. 

There’s no question too number-heavy or complicated for an AI tool. They’ll guide your support teams to accurate and timely responses regardless of the difficulty of the question.

AI Helps Improve Customer Engagement

With everything we’ve gone over you’re probably thinking how well your team will be able to work when they have AI for customer support at their disposal. And you’re right, your team will be able to answer questions quickly, meet metrics and improve them, as well as put more effort into more complicated issues. 

The bigger impact this can have is on the customer and agent experiences you are creating and how they keep your customers happy and coming back for more of your services and support. Agents are happy when they can resolve issues and meet SLAs and customers are happy when they don’t have to wait for those issues to be resolved.

Agents will no longer be spending their time on simple tickets, endless research, and calculations, they’ll be able to put more of their time and effort into making sure they’re giving your customers the best support experience possible.

Enabling Teams With Forethought AI

With the right tools, improving any of your goals is possible. Many customer support teams struggle to find and implement the necessary tools and it’s usually due to team leaders only having a few options when it comes to trying to solve the root of the problem. 

They’ve tried hiring more people, outsourcing work, creating new training programs, or even implementing chatbots that just don’t cut it when you’re trying to scale your organization and improve your customer satisfaction metrics. 

Forethought’s AI for customer support is the solution you’ve been looking for to solve your customer and agent needs. 

Customer support AI helps teams serve up the best information to customers in the best possible way and helps you meet SLAs for customers despite the volume you face. You’ll be able to catch important, high-priority issues quickly and route tickets to the right people. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what our AI agent Agatha can do for you, let’s chat

Looking to learn more? Browse our customer case studies or view our FAQ’s to get to know Agatha.

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