Forethought Announces New Assist Enhancements and Integration with Freshdesk

By Sami Ghoche

Since its inception, Forethought’s mission has been to unlock human potential through the power of artificial intelligence. Our agent assistant product, Assist, has helped us work towards achieving this mission by empowering agents to find relevant information quickly – all within their help desk.  

Today, we’re excited to announce new feature improvements to Assist that will continue to help agents accelerate productivity.

Assist Anywhere for Freshdesk Now Live

Assist Anywhere now fully supports customer orgs with Freshdesk. Agents with Freshdesk can now leverage features like:

  • Automated recommendations
  • Document search
  • Agent Notes
  • Canned Responses
  • Shortcuts
  • Autocomplete

Redesigned User Experience 

In addition to redesigning Assist to match Forethought’s new brand, we’ve re-thought the entire user experience and have made several changes to help agents find relevant information faster: 

  • Persistent Filter Selection: We’ve revamped the search and filter experience to allow users to select multiple filters, and for these filters to remain when switching to a new ticket or initiating a search. With this update, agents can more easily narrow in on exactly what they’re looking for. 
  • Notes in Assist Anywhere: In addition, the “Notes” section is now available in Assist Anywhere above the search bar, so agents can quickly find their personal notes.

Enhanced Feed Results

One of Assist’s most-loved features has gotten even better. Assist’s automated feed provides personalized recommendations of resources that agents can use to help answer customer inquiries. Several improvements have been made to make results in the automated Feed more relevant and easier to find. These include:

  • Updated AI scoring models to ensure most relevant information is provided automatically
  • Reduced search time to provide the most accurate, up to date results quickly
  • Real-time measurement of result accuracy feedback to continuously improve model accuracy

New Search Enhancements 

Our new Pre-Search page shows agents their most recently viewed documents as well as most recent searches to enable faster retrieval of relevant information. 

Common or frequently used documents and searches will now always be available to agents across any new or existing ticket in their queue.

Deep Linking to Article Anchors Now Available

For customer orgs with knowledge articles that have multiple sections, Assist will now suggest the most relevant section of the article to help resolve the ticket. 

When replying to the customer with links to articles, any links will automatically direct the customer to the specific section within the article that is most relevant.

New ‘Favorites’ Section in Assist Anywhere

With a new Favorites section, agents can bookmark their favorite or most commonly used documents to easily reference.

Agents can also mark any document recommendation in Assist as a favorite, and it will be retained in this new section for reference.

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