Triage Now Available in Helpdesk ServiceNow

SAN FRANCISCO, October 14, 2020 – As Forethought continues to build out functionalities and integrations for AI-powered Agatha, we’re happy to share that Agatha Triage is now available in the helpdesk ServiceNow.

“Our vision is that Agatha can help supercharge your support team in any channel or any helpdesk,” said CEO and co-founder of Forethought, Deon Nicholas. “We started with Zendesk and Salesforce, and we’ve found the ServiceNow CSM is one of the fastest-growing platforms for modern customer support. We are proud to offer Agatha Triage in ServiceNow, with many more integrations to come.”

Like with Zendesk and Salesforce previously, Agatha Triage within ServiceNow CSM works to auto-tag and route issues the moment they come in the door of ServiceNow.

Agatha Triage takes webform and email tickets as soon as they enter the system, reads them, and moves them through the organization based on the company’s need.

Typically, our customers use Agatha Triage to work in three specific use cases, although she can triage based on many types of needs in an organization. The three most common use cases are: by department, by priority, and for spam. Our customers have seen great success with Triage, even replacing internal tools with Agatha because of the accuracy and easy implementation.

Agatha Triage takes mundane work off the table for support orgs. Typically, triaging is done by a highly knowledgeable and experienced agent who is reading, labeling, and routing tickets. Agatha does the same thing, but she’s more methodical and therefore more accurate. She reads tickets carefully every single time and uses NLP as well as NLU to determine the best place to get the ticket solved.

What happens as a result is that tickets get routed to the right queue or to the right department the first time, meaning that they don’t spend time sitting in the wrong queue as often and they end up getting resolved faster.

If you use ServiceNow, and you’ve been looking for a tool that auto-categorizes tickets so you can focus on making your customers happy, let’s talk.

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