Announcing Workflow Builder: Build Automated Workflows That Detect Intent

By Sami Ghoche

With Solve Workflow Builder, customers can build automated workflows that detect customer intent to enable seamless self-service.

With the evolution of customer service powering through support teams, Forethought is making it possible for scaling businesses to empower their customers and improve their customer experience with human-centered AI. 

We’re on a mission to unlock human potential through the power of artificial intelligence, and we’re just getting started. We’re continuing to build tools that empower agents and customer support teams, and our recent launch of Assist Anywhere was only the beginning. 

Automate the Self-Serve Experience With Workflow Builder

Today we have something new to add to your AI-powered toolbelt. We’re excited to announce the launch of Workflow Builder!

Workflow Builder allows you to build automated workflows that intelligently detect customer intent. This helps enable seamless self-service and allow customers to take action automatically without the help of a live agent. 

Workflow Builder is an extension of Forethought’s Solve product, which allows customers to utilize Forethought’s AI technology to automatically deflect repetitively asked questions by providing customers with a knowledge article to aid them in their search. Workflow Builder enhances Solve by empowering customers to take any action and automatically recognizing their intent, enabling even more seamless self-serve interaction.   

With Workflow Builder, support teams can supercharge their productivity, meaning faster ticket resolutions and happier customers. 

Here are just a few things that support teams can benefit from with Workflow Builder from Forethought:

Automatic Intent Detection 

With Workflow Builder, you’ll be able to detect customer intent automatically to personalize the self-serve experience and improve CSAT.

Intelligent Recommendations 

Workflow Builder provides you with suggestions on new intent clusters and improvements—powered by true AI—to continuously expand case coverage.

Conversation-Based UI 

Workflow Builder allows you to build intricate workflows easily with an intuitive, conversation-based canvas to enable customers to self-serve regardless of the complexity of their request.

Automated Actions 

Use Workflow Builder to create custom API calls or use streamlined templates to integrate with any system, empowering customers with order details and other account information automatically. 

Actionable Analytics 

Workflow Builder allows you to track the effectiveness of individual workflows and intents and easily adjust workflows based on performance. 

Create Consistency Across Your Support With AI 

Whether you’re ready to uplevel your company’s customer service experience or are simply overwhelmed by support ticket volume, there’s never been a better time to evaluate AI for CX.

Forethought makes it easy to enable your teams to provide memorable customer experiences by providing tools that empower customers to self-serve and allow agents to learn faster and serve customers better. 

Workflow Builder will transform your customer experience by empowering customers with answers to their questions faster than ever before. And you’ll learn more than you thought possible when you’re able to analyze the effectiveness of individual workflows and identify gaps. 
If you’re interested in learning more about Workflow Builder, let’s chat. Book a demo to learn how you can empower your teams and your customers with human-centered AI.

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