TechCrunch Disrupt Winner Forethought Launches NLU Customer Support Routing Tech

With auto triage, Agatha Predictions routes incoming cases with customer-centric market leaders, to make the most of human resources and ensure SLA’s are met.

San Francisco, CA — September 5, 2019

One year after winning TechCrunch Disrupt with Agatha Answers, San Francisco-based Forethought has returned to the TechCrunch stage to launch their state-of-the-art AI/NLU-powered, customer support solution, Agatha Predictions. Predictions, part of the Agatha machine learning platform tags and routes support tickets, taking away the pain of manual ticket tagging, so agents can focus on delighting customers while staying true to their SLAs. With one of the fastest deployments in the market, Predictions uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology, the newest development in the Natural Language Processing umbrella, to automatically tag and route tickets with up to 99% accuracy. 

An early partner, a leader in the local services marketplace, put Agatha Predictions to the test in a head-to-head trial with large antiquated incumbents and found that “we were pleasantly surprised that we’d get the return data back from Agatha faster, within seconds rather than minutes.” Agatha Predictions already has large partners, including PureStorage (NYSE: PSTG), the data solutions leader, and MasterClass, the online education company that enables anyone to learn from the best in the world. 

Customer support departments are being pushed to continuously improve their customer satisfaction scores, efficiency, and retention while cutting costs. Enterprise partners typically have SLA agreements, or service-level agreements that outline the timeline in which different types of support tickets need to be answered. Marketplace and subscription-based partners need help prioritizing and routing tickets to the right departments and agents to help them with scaling their operations. Our customer-centric partners are pre-empting this evolution in the market by bringing Agatha onto their support team. 

Agatha Predictions works best with customers who are receiving 2,000+ support tickets a week, as Predictions can automatically tag and prioritize the routing of these tickets, taking away human effort on manual and tedious tasks. The key difference between Forethought and many other AI-customer support solutions is their NLU engine: Forethought believes that NLU is the best way to eliminate manual, tedious tasks, so that humans can focus on what we do best – relating and talking to other humans. Agatha becomes a virtual teammate who works on your support team.

Companies are experiencing an overflow of data, which results in a constant efficiency loss,” said Pete Sonsini, General Partner at NEA. “When we first met Deon Nicholas and the team at Forethought it was apparent that they were thinking about this issue in the right way, deploying NLU across company information silos to make customer support teams more productive. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Forethought to make everyone a genius at their job.”

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