Tech Leaders Come Together to Build Out the Future of AI in Customer Support

SAN FRANCISCO / November 25, 2020 / PRNewswire / — Forethought, an AI enterprise company, today unveiled its Customer Advisory Board. The group comprises industry leaders that advise on the future of AI in enterprise. Given each party’s breadth of experience, the collaboration seeks to expand market knowledge and the future of exceptional customer support when powered by AI. 

With COVID-19, people around the globe transitioned to a digital-first world and customer support queues filled to the brim, with tickets piling up to 5x their usual numbers. Industry leaders, like Pinterest and Carta, partnered with Forethought to help reduce ticket resolution times and enable customer support agents to focus on more complex customer concerns. 

“Customer experience is at the heart of every business and has a big impact on how customers engage with the company and their loyalty,” said Gerald Hastie, Head of Global Customer Ops at Pinterest. “As an industry, we have only begun to touch the surface of what AI can do for customer care and I am excited to work with Forethought to pave the way forward for the future.”

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are both predicted to surpass $10 billion in digital sales, while Thanksgiving will see a dramatic 49.5% sales growth rate. With a dramatic uptick in digital consumption, Forethought’s Customer Advisory Board showcases what best-in-class customer care feels like, shares best practices, and educates the market on the power of AI in enterprise. 

Forethought’s Customer Advisory Board is spearheaded internally by the company’s Head of Customer Experience, Rose Wang, a Forbes 30 Under 30 alumnus bringing deep compassion and care to the heart of customer experience.  Founding members include: 

  • Travis Oliver, Director of Engineering at Instacart
  • Gerald Hastie, Head of Global Customer Operations at Pinterest
  • Donelle Block, Director, Global CX Digital Transformation at PureStorage
  • Sasha Antonenko, Support Leader at D2L
  • Gianpiero Scire, Director of Operations & Enablement at Carta

“We’re seeing a huge spike in customer service as more businesses and customers transact in digital environments,”  said Forethought CEO Deon Nicholas.  “The holiday season ushers in an avalanche of customer service tickets and that trend will continue into 2021.  Together the brightest minds in customer support can anticipate potential pain points and develop the necessary AI to solve them.” 

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