Forethought Hires Creator of FastAPI

Sebastian Ramirez joins Forethought to build AI for customer support.

Forethought Hires Creator of FastAPI

Industry Expert to Focus on Scaling the Company’s Robust API Architecture and Contributing Back to the Open-Source Community 

SAN FRANCISCO / June 09, 2021 / — Forethought, an AI enterprise company, today announced that industry thought leader Sebastian Ramirez will join the company’s engineering team. 

Ramirez is the creator of FastAPI, the fastest growing and one of the most popular Python web frameworks in the world. He has spent the last nine years building products and custom solutions for data and machine learning systems, and leading teams of developers  all over the world, from Latin America to the Middle East.  

“This is extremely exciting for Forethought because we now have one of the world’s foremost Python experts helping us scale our AI services and infrastructure,” said Sami Ghoche, CTO & co-founder of Forethought. 

In addition to FastAPI, Ramirez created Typer, an open-source library for building command line interface applications, as well as several other open-source tools that have gained extreme popularity among developers. These tools are used by teams of all sizes around the world, from solo developers to renowned corporations, and are used for building applications ranging from small data handling tools to complex systems for machine learning. Ramirez’s strong ideals of helping others be more efficient and solve problems that are important for them, their communities, and society, perfectly align with Forethought’s mission to use AI to make everyone a genius at their job.

“I am extremely happy to be joining Forethought and this smart and kind team, and to still be able to dedicate a high percentage of my time to open-source projects,” said Ramirez. “For me, this shows a strong commitment to giving back to the open-source community that is expressed all the way from leadership to engineering. I look forward to the value that can be generated for the company and the community by using and improving open-source tools, while solving complex industry problems.”

Ramirez will focus on improving the already robust API architecture to scale core backend services while embracing MLOps principles and contributing all advancements back to the open-source community.

“We’ve benefited tremendously from Sebastian’s open-sourced projects so far and are very excited to contribute back to the open-source community, starting with FastAPI, as well as surrounding libraries,” said Jad Chamoun, engineering manager – core services at Forethought.

Forethought develops AI agents that tackle the most costly and inefficient elements of enterprise. Its first AI, Agatha, supercharges customer support to Solve, Triage, and Assist. Agatha can learn from internal documents, email, chat and even old support tickets to reduce support resolution times by 30%. All of Forethought’s solutions are based in Natural Language Understanding, and are self-adaptive, learning and making sense of systems over time. 

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Forethought develops the best artificial intelligence agents to maximize human potential and productivity in every enterprise—starting with customer service. In 2018, the company launched its first AI agent, Agatha, which works with customer support teams to drastically reduce support resolution time and increase productivity. Forethought’s AI provides solutions to tackle the most challenging and costly areas in every enterprise. 

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