Discover Proactive Insights with AI

Empower your customer support teams with intelligent, actionable recommendations and comprehensive analytics to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Forethought Discover

Intelligent insights and recommendations improve performance and drive growth.

  • Actionable recommendations to enable better self-serve support experiences
  • Powerful reporting at your fingertips, making it easier to find support insights
  • Intelligent insights from support cases that can be shared across departments

Empower your teams with proactive CX insights so that they can take action and maximize ROI.


Identify and Repair Workflow Bottlenecks

  • Extract insights from customer interactions to address emerging pain points.
  • AI recommendations highlight ticket topics ready for automation.
  • Share ROI and metrics across departments to drive alignment and improve performance.
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Predict and Prevent Escalations

  • View ticket categories and subcategories to identify pain points and improve CSAT.
  • Generate case tagging taxonomy and update routing rules to ensure agents handle the correct cases.
  • Filter automatically clustered tickets with associated data to gain specific and granular insights.
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Automate Knowledge Base Management

  • Proactive knowledge gap detection identifies missing content topics from tickets.
  • AI-generated knowledge articles help streamline content creation.
  • Workflow automation generates ticket policies for faster resolution based on real-time data.
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The most advanced generative AI agent for customer support and your 24/7 AI team member.

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Integrate AI into your team to do more with less.

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Use your proprietary data to build AI as unique as your customers.

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Say goodbye to traditional chatbots; Forethought delivers smart, scalable support tailored to your unique needs.

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