Smart, scalable AI agent support from first inquiry to final resolution.

Forethought is the only GenAI for customer support that can autonomously solve customer inquiries.


Instant answers for simple questions.

AI automation reduces costs for straightforward and repetitive inquiries like package tracking or password resets.

AI trained on your data delivers consistent and precise answers.

Automated workflows drive resolutions and learn context from natural language and ticket data.



accuracy in ticket resolution


Apply AI analysis for complex ticket handoff.

Triage understands conversation nuance to tag and route tickets using historical data and intent.

Intelligent intent analysis eliminates spam and directs tickets to the right team.

Advanced natural language processing detects conversation topics, reducing manual work.



accuracy in spam elimination


Agents need an AI copilot to keep up with today’s demands.

Assist summarizes ticket data and sources answers, helping agents handle complex tickets swiftly.

With an AI copilot, agents access answers from any source directly in the help desk.

AI-suggested replies use past tickets and knowledge articles to provide precise responses.



increase in agent productivity


AI-powered insights for CX leaders.

Discover extracts insights to address pain points and highlight workflows for AI automation.

Build a top-tier support organization with simple content management.

Proactively detects knowledge gaps and generates AI-based articles to streamline content creation.


self-serve rate


spam prediction accuracy


increase in agent productivity

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The most advanced generative AI agent for customer support and your 24/7 AI team member.

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Our platform

Accelerate Productivity With Ease

Integrate AI into your team to do more with less.

AI Built For You

Use your proprietary data to build AI as unique as your customers.

Secure & Trusted Partner

Tackle today’s customer experience challenges with a partner who has your back.

“The product [Forethought] is straightforward and easy to use, and when I do have suggestions or need additional features, the team is always there to help.”


Security and compliance is our priority.

Tackle today’s customer experience challenges with a partner who’s always got your back.

We’re not just about meeting privacy standards – we’re setting them, to keep you and your data secure every step of the way.

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Experience the Future of Customer Support

Turn your data into a strategic advantage with our autonomous AI solution.

Say goodbye to traditional chatbots; Forethought delivers smart, scalable support tailored to your unique needs.

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