Built with the best.

AWS and Amazon are regarded as some of the most customer obsessed companies in the world. At Forethought, we also believe in that principle and aim to enable our customers to be able to deliver world-class experiences for their users and customers.

Scale and security.

Being built on AWS allows us to quickly innovate, experiment and iterate. More importantly, it allows us to provide our customers with the scale, security, and integrations with the public cloud so you can focus on what matters most: your users.

Above and beyond.

At Forethought, we leverage the core AWS services that everyone is familiar with but we also utilize even more sophisticated functionalities including Sagemaker to ensure our AI is best of breed, Translate so we can serve users around the world, and Lambda for agility and efficiency.

S3 and more.

Our technology is fully integrated with AWS, starting with import and export via S3. With that in place, there are also paths to integrate with additional services like Amazon Connect.

A trusted partnership.

As part of our commitment to AWS customers and sellers, we’ve achieved AWS ISV Accelerate certification and will be listed on AWS Marketplace in Q2 2023.

“I am so impressed with the results, so I want to put Forethought in front of every support channel that we have.”

“Forethought was quite a bit more accurate than the homegrown triage bot we’d built, across the board, and we were pleasantly surprised that we’d get return data back in seconds rather than minutes.”

“Forethought allows me the ability to answer tickets quickly if needed, which in turn opens up more time to focus on tickets that I feel require more attention.”

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