Get insurance customers the answers they need with AI.

Increasingly digital and savvy customers want the right answers, without the wait. Forethought AI enables them to self-serve for simple requests, and gets complex cases to the right agent, fast.
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Forethought AI enables self-service and frees agents to focus on the most urgent cases, ensuring higher customer satisfaction.

  • Solve common customer issues automatically
  • Accurately label + route tickets
  • Identify and discard spam efficiently
  • Assist agents with complex cases

Empower agents and customers with AI that goes beyond a chatbot.

Forethought AI is designed to drive higher customer satisfaction—not deflect their requests or waste their time.

Resolve simple cases automatically.

Empower customers to compare plans, review coverage and benefits information, manage billing, and find care without an agent.

Empower customers to self-serve.

Let customers complete complex workflows, such as adding members to a plan, viewing and submitting claims, and more.

Triage more complex customer tickets.

Escalate high-priority cases to the right support team through accurate sentiment and intent detection.

Assist agents with relevant details.

Give agents the context they need, from account and policy details to policy history to suggested responses based on past cases.

One enterprise-level platform for the
entire customer journey.

Forethought delivers solutions that solve simple customer
questions, triage tickets that need an agent and assist
agents in providing experiences that delight customers.

Our platform

Experience the Future of Customer Support with Forethought

Turn your data into a strategic advantage with our autonomous AI solution.

Say goodbye to traditional chatbots; Forethought delivers smart, scalable support tailored to your unique needs. See a demo today and discover how our complete AI platform drives efficiency and ROI for top support teams.

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