Forethought vs. Solvvy: The Choice is Clear

Forethought’s human-centered AI platform goes beyond a chatbot to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our sales team will show you how Forethought can better meet your needs than Solvvy.

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Doing more with less is the new business imperative.

Forethought’s generative AI—powered by SupportGPT™—uses Large Language Models (LLMs) and fine-tunes them on your own data to maximize efficiency and ROI for support teams.


average model accuracy


average reduction in First Response Time


average deflection

Deliver instant answers with a smarter self-service experience.

Traditional chatbots like Solvvy are built on decision trees, causing endless back and forth and lots of frustration. Forethought’s AI instantly interprets your customer’s intent and uses your data and custom workflows to resolve repetitive questions across any channel.

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Our AI can predict, prioritize, and route to accelerate first response time.

For customers with more complex questions or no time to self-serve, Forethought ensures urgent issues get a human touch. Forethought’s AI uses historical knowledge to predict ticket characteristics, understand sentiment and intent, and automatically send the ticket to the right team.

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You need more than a chatbot. Improve agent efficiency with our AI assistant.

Your support teams need help resolving tickets. Forethought’s AI gives agents everything they need, exactly when they need it, by surfacing relevant knowledge articles, past cases, and productivity-boosting shortcuts as soon as they open a new case. Solvvy can’t do that.

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Our AI goes beyond a chatbot to optimize your help desk experience.

Think forward with Forethought.

We’re here to make enterprise-level AI second nature for your business.

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