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Abra Reaches 40% Self-Serve Rate with Forethought


Helping Consumers & Institutions Conquer Crypto

Abra is a simple and powerful full-service crypto platform, where consumers and institutions can buy, sell, trade, store, and borrow cryptocurrency. Customers can store digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ether, and 75+ other altcoins. Abra is on a mission to create a simple and honest platform that enables millions of cryptocurrency holders to maximize the potential of their assets. 

Adelaida Nobles, Customer Experience Manager, leads Abra’s customer support team. Starting her career at Abra as a senior customer support representative, Nobles has architected the support organization over the past six years.

The customer support team’s goal at Abra is to provide the best support in the crypto space.

– Adelaida Nobles, Customer Experience Manager at Abra

Lack of Self-Service

Before Forethought, Abra used the chatbot feature included with their help desk to provide customers with self-serve support. It was ineffective in helping customers resolve their issues without the help of an agent. The interface was not intuitive, and making changes to workflows was very manual and frustrating for the team.

Without an effective self-service tool, Abra couldn’t track the usefulness of knowledge articles and other public-facing support information. The team could only make educated guesses about the most useful knowledge articles.

The support team at Abra was looking for a chatbot solution that could deflect customer inquiries without sacrificing the level of service an agent provides.

After evaluating a few competitors, we chose Forethought because of their extensive experience with AI and because they have a full suite of products, not just a chatbot.

– Adelaida Nobles, Customer Experience Manager at Abra

Abra uses Forethought Solve as its chat widget.

Solve answers customer questions via chat. With a seamless help desk integration, Solve surfaces the right information to answer customers’ questions. Abra often receives questions about what to do with a particular asset, how to withdraw cryptocurrencies to another account, and more. With Solve, these questions are answered quickly and effectively without needing to involve a human agent.

With Workflow Builder, the support team builds simple or complex workflows with just a few clicks. Forethought’s analytics make it easy for the support team to track which workflows are performing well and make adjustments on the fly to those that aren’t.

The best part about using Forethought is their partnership with Abra to create a better experience for our customers. We can change things on the fly, and it’s live within minutes. With our team being smaller, it has made our lives exponentially easier.

– Adelaida Nobles, Customer Experience Manager at Abra

With Forethought, Abra has achieved a 6.3x return on investment based on cost per ticket and deflections. Solve has deflected 40.7% of all incoming chat inquiries. 

  • 40.7% self-serve rate
  • 6.3x ROI

Looking Ahead

When looking to the future, Nobles is excited to see how using AI in customer support can enhance agents’ work. Nobles looks forward to bringing on additional AI capabilities into the support organization in the future.

Forethought has the rare ability to marry exceptional product capabilities with exceptional people. Working with Forethought has been an absolute pleasure.

– Adelaida Nobles, Customer Experience Manager at Abra

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