Forethought Named One of Forbes’ Next Billion-Dollar Startups

By Deon Nicholas


To say we’re both proud and humbled is an understatement. 

Forbes has named Forethought as one of the top 25 startups most likely to reach a $1B valuation. This recognition is huge for Forethought, and it shows we’re just getting started.

To select the top 25 startups, TrueBridge Capital Partners asked 300 venture capital firms to nominate those they believe were most likely to achieve the coveted unicorn status, while Forbes interviewed founders and analyzed finances and other company details for roughly 140 startups. 

We’re pleased to be listed alongside our current customer Route this year, and we’re in great company with past recipients including Forethought customers Thumbtack, Blend, Outreach, Mapbox, and Acorns.

This recognition is exciting and meaningful because it shows how far we’ve come in just a few short years. We started Forethought to unlock human potential through the power of artificial intelligence. Simply put, our mission is to create AI that will change the world.

Lofty? Absolutely. And while we still have a lot to accomplish on this mission, we have the right team and technology in place to radically transform customer and employee experiences with human-centered AI.

We’re off to a great start. With Forethought, organizations today can empower customers to self-serve and get their questions answered instantly, while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction and streamlining the customer experience by enabling support agents with the tools they need to solve more difficult cases. 

Unfortunately “AI” has entered buzzword territory and is often inappropriately applied to technology where no true artificial intelligence exists. 

Here’s a good rule of thumb: if a product requires you to manually create decision trees and if-then logic, it isn’t AI!

Forethought’s platform is powered by true AI that embeds into an organization’s help desk and automatically learns from past data—including past tickets, knowledge bases, and external and internal agent notes—to learn how to solve common and repetitive tickets instantly, as well as how to assist support agents with the most relevant knowledge.

This approach has led to transformative results for our customers. Route, a fellow, experienced a 10x ROI with Forethought in the first year. Quinton Ayers, Route’s Director of Product Support, said, “I am so impressed with the results, so I want to put Forethought in front of every support channel that we have.”

Other notable customers include Acorns, who can now resolve tickets 89% faster; Thumbtack, who achieved a 26% improvement in support agent productivity; and many others, including Asana, Marriott, Crunchbase, and Qualtrics.

Customer success has resulted in a whirlwind of a year for Forethought. In the past year our revenue has increased nearly 350%, while our customer base has skyrocketed nearly 600%. Our employee base has increased 413% in the last two years.

We’re immensely grateful to our Forethinkers: our teammates, customers, investors, and partners who have enabled this success and who continually inspire us to make the impossible possible.

We can’t wait to continue creating the future with you. 

And now…back to work!

To learn more about what Forethought can do for you, book a demo today!

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