See How You Compare to Competitors With Our 2024 AI in CX Benchmark Report

By Deon Nicholas

With the 2024 AI in CX Benchmark Report, we’re providing actionable data and insight on the AI trends, strategies, and practices that matter most to you and your customers.

CX can refer to many things—customer service, customer support, customer experience, and so on—but they all come down to helping customers. It’s one of the most important priorities for every business who wants to stand the test of time. 

Now generative artificial intelligence has the power to radically transform the way humans interact with each other and with businesses—and one of the first places many people will experience that impact is in CX. In fact, companies are already experimenting widely with AI in the hopes of increasing speed, efficiency, and quality while reducing costs. But will they actually achieve these results? It depends. After all, there’s more than one way to deploy GenAI for CX.

Should you build your own AI capability in-house, use a help desk add-on, or go with a dedicated solution? Which training data should you use? What should your expectations be, and what lessons can you take from other companies who’ve already made the move?

To date, clear answers to questions like these have been hard to come by. Plenty of help desk vendors are eager to make their pitch, but there is no objective source of raw data and analysis on the ways AI is being used in customer service, nor the results being achieved. Business leaders are left confused and uncertain about the best way to proceed.

It’s time to clear away this confusion. The global market for customer service software, projected by Acumen Research and Consulting to reach nearly $60 billion by the end of the decade, will be fundamentally disrupted and reshaped by artificial intelligence. Customer experience will likely be the single biggest application for AI in business, and one of the most common ways consumers interact with the technology. And it’s all happening at blinding speed. There’s no room for guesswork or error. We need facts.

Forethought is taking on this challenge. Our sole focus on AI for CX gives us deep insight into the ways this powerful technology is being developed and used. At the same time, as a help desk-agnostic platform provider, we’re not aligned with any specific vendor, allowing us to provide a truly objective view as a trusted source.      

The 2024 AI in CX Benchmark Report is meant to offer a highly detailed look at the ways companies are leveraging this technology and the results they’re achieving. Included are breakdowns by industry, company and support team size, help desk platform, ticket complexity, and so much more. Metrics explored range from deflection rate to cost per resolution, and customer satisfaction score. Encompassing over two dozen findings, the report serves as a roadmap to help leaders answer key questions about the right way to deploy GenAI for their customer service organization.

Based on these findings, we can answer a few crucial questions with confidence.

  • Should I adopt AI? Yes.
  • Should I build it myself? No.
  • Should I leverage my help desk add-on? No.
  • Should I go with a dedicated solution? Yes.
  • Should I go with a generic solution built on public data? No.

Dive in.

Interested in generative AI for customer support? Check out this guide to learn about the 3 key pillars you need to get started.

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