Scale Customer Support with an Advanced AI Agent

The most powerful AI Agent for customer support. Deliver natural conversations, improve resolution rates and lower costs across every interaction.

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How leading customer support teams deliver results.

Forethought’s advanced AI Agent handles the repetitive tasks, freeing your agents to focus on complex & nuanced customer interactions.


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Smart, scalable AI support from first inquiry to final resolution in one complete AI solution.

Our platform


Scalable and customizable, our AI Agent for chat and email conversations processes incoming messages to deliver accurate responses.

  • Detect customer intent for accurate and human-like interactions.
  • Leverage your knowledge base to resolve repetitive tickets efficiently.
  • Specify inquiry outcomes in natural language, and AI generates Autoflows automatically.


Utilizing a Large Language Model (LLM), Triage understands customer intent and tags and routes tickets to the appropriate agent, enhancing the customer experience.

  • Analyze tickets based on sentiment, spam, language, or custom intents.
  • Prioritize urgency with auto tagging tickets based on categories.
  • Quickly route tickets to the right agent or team for prompt resolution.


Boost agent productivity by 20% with an AI copilot providing relevant knowledge articles and suggested responses.

  • AI-generated ticket summaries offer context post-handoff.
  • Surface relevant knowledge articles based on previous resolutions and similar topics.
  • Seamlessly integrate with top helpdesks via the Assist Chrome Extension for a streamlined experience.


Use generative AI to recommend and optimize customer service workflows, track performance and ROI, and instantly improve time to resolution and lower cost.

  • Measure ROI instantly
  • Identify and resolve gaps
  • Track performance in real time

“What has made Forethought resonate with customers is software that plugs into a company’s sales and customer service software to learn how past issues were resolved and better predict what an individual ticket might be about.”

“With Forethought, time-to-resolution can be drastically reduced, leading to better employee productivity and customer retention – resulting in improved revenue.”

“When a ticket is coming in, it can predict whether it’s a high-priority or low-priority ticket and which agent is best qualified to handle this question. And this all happens before the agent even touches the ticket.”

“Designed as a plug-in enterprise solution that can be installed in two days and improve customer support time-to-resolution by up to 30 percent, [Forethought] gained widespread attention as it propelled Forethought to victory at the 2018 TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield.”


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