Discover the Power of Forethought: Advanced AI for Customer Support

Why Choose Forethought

Staying ahead in customer support means choosing the right AI partner.

Organizations choose Forethought because of a consistent track record of improvements in operational efficiency, improved metrics, and customer experience.

Don’t take our word for it, keep reading to see why top brands like Upwork and Kajabi made a switch. . .

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Powerful AI Agent for Customer Support

Forethought is the most advanced generative AI agent for customer support and your 24/7 AI team member.

Trained on your unique data sets and upholding the highest security protocols, Forethought delivers natural conversations through AI and eliminates inefficiencies to improve response times, resolution rates, and customer satisfaction scores at every interaction.


average model accuracy


average reduction in First Response Time


average deflection

Upwork – Enhancing Customer Self-Service

Previously, with a different AI solution for CX, Upwork struggled with a low self-serve rate and a cumbersome process requiring extensive manual training of thousands of workflows.

Results with Forethought:

Self-Serve Rate: Increased from 45% to an average of 52-65%

Email Management: 50% self-serve rate, with 800 emails deflected weekly

Efficiency: 50% reduction in time to resolve tickets, achieving 100% completion of tickets in queue

Accuracy: 90% in classifying new tickets, with 500K auto-predictions applied

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Kajabi – Simplifying Workflow and Improving Experiences

Kajabi experienced significant operational inefficiencies and poor customer experiences with their previous support AI solution, and needed another option immediately.

Results with Forethought:

Deflection Rate: Achieved a 20% deflection rate, significantly reducing wait times

Customer Satisfaction: Improved chatbot interactions with a seamless integration process, contrasting the two-month, labor-intensive setup they faced previously.

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Improve CX efficiency with AI-First Customer Support

The Advantage with Forethought

Ease of Use: Our customers avoid laborious processes as Forethought’s AI learns quickly from fewer inputs.

Scalability: Our customers manage variations in queries without needing to duplicate efforts.

Customer Satisfaction: Our customers report less reliance on live agents with higher self-serve rates and more accurate, timely responses.

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Accelerate productivity with a secure and trusted partner.

Join industry leaders who have made the switch and now enjoy streamlined operations, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

Schedule a demo today and see what Forethought can do for your support team.

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