What Is An Example of Conversational AI?

By Sami Ghoche

Talking with your customers has never been more important than it is today. From social media to web chat services, emails to phone calls, your customers can reach you with a simple push of a button.

As your customer base grows, it can get more difficult for your customer service team to reply and respond to every message. Eventually, you may easily run out of people to keep up with customer service demands. Since customer interactions are critical to a successful business, your ability to stay connected with them requires additional ways to keep the conversation going.

This is where conversational AI comes in. Conversational AI levels up your customer support through a highly effective tool that continuously learns through customer interaction to provide a better and faster customer service experience.

Examples of Conversational AI

Conversational AI creates human-like interactions with your customers through highly developed machine learning. By providing past customer experience data, along with continuous analysis of recent interactions, conversational AI can learn to better help your customers and your support team.

There are several types of conversational AI. From conversational AI-powered chatbots to interactive voice assistants, each type can improve the customer journey and help your business deliver 5-star customer experiences.

Conversational AI can greatly boost your business’s ability to serve your customers. Discover the different types of conversational AI below.

Conversational AI Chat Bots

If you’ve interacted with a chat bot before, you understand that they are limited in what they are programmed to do — mainly by the number of typed responses you give them to use. Conversational AI chat bots, on the other hand, offer a more robust interaction by actively learning through past and current customer responses. 

This type of chat bot analyzes real-time conversations to provide better support, which leads to higher customer satisfaction and cost efficiencies. As a customer types a request or a question, a conversational AI chat bot can siphon through keywords and phrases to provide nearly instant answers while storing new information for later use. 

Interested in a conversational AI for your business? Forethought is a leading provider of the conversational AI chat bot designed to support your customers through the entire customer journey. Our conversational chat bot works in any industry to enable you to help more customers faster. 

Voice Assistants

When you hear the term “voice assistant”, think of examples such as Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. These types of assistive technologies use commonly spoken phrases to assist customers. Through the use of language understanding, voice assistants can offer a wider variety of relevant responses through your smart home device or mobile device.

As long as your home or mobile device is connected to the internet, you can access your voice assistant for an ever-growing variety of requests. Check the weather, set reminders, and even catch the latest news. The more you interact with your voice assistant, the more it can support you in your daily life.

Voice assistants offer that human language type of interaction without the need of an actual person on the other end of the device. Customers can easily order more products and get product support, leaving your customer support agents to take care of more urgent requests and needs.

Mobile Assistants

Similar to voice assistants, mobile assistants are AI-based assistants used primarily by mobile devices. Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s Bixby are common examples, along with a handful of others. 

Mobile assistants act as personal assistants that mobile users can interact with to perform tasks such as navigation, creating calendar events, searching for restaurants, and more. As more and more information gets added to the web, mobile assistants can use that information to better support customers.

Companies are taking interest in the advantages of mobile assistants. You can turn on your car, set your home alarm, and even pay bills all through specific apps linked to your mobile assistant.

Users of mobile assistants can access support from virtually anywhere. As long as there is mobile and data service, users have a broad range of information and resources available to them. 

Interactive Voice Assistants

Interactive voice assistants make it easy for businesses to provide services to customers without the need for human interaction. For example, when you call a pharmacy for prescription refills, you may be assisted by an interactive voice assistant that can take your personal and prescription information and place an order for you.

Many banks use this same type of service to assist customers with managing accounts, paying bills, and receiving account statements.

Interactive voice assistants help to keep employment costs down and free up the time of customer service agents for more challenging needs. This cost and time-effective technology enables your company to do more to grow and serve a greater number of customers faster.

Here at Forethought, we understand how important it is to quickly and effectively support your customers. That’s why we created our award-winning conversational AI system. It’s the AI-first customer service for any industry.

Our conversational AI can help you better support your customers more quickly while providing the necessary information to your support agents should your customers need additional help. With Forethought, your company will quickly experience lower wait times, increase self-service among your customers, and even reduce the backlog of support tickets. It’s the system designed to benefit both you and your customers quickly and effectively.

Transform your customer service with human-centered AI. Click the link below to watch a free demo of Forethought in action, because when you see what it’s capable of, you’ll immediately think of ways it can benefit your own business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Examples of Conversational AI

Is Google Assistant an example of conversational AI?

Yes, Google Assistant is an example of conversational AI. Google Assistant, along with similar assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Samsung’s Bixby allows users to interact with the AI in a nearly endless amount of ways to receive information and support. 

These conversational AI are more advanced and capable than your regular chatbots and provide a better and more interactive user experience for your customers. 

Is Alexa a Conversational AI?

Yes, Alexa is a conversational AI. Alexa uses machine learning to better support customers, predict future requests and needs, and provide more relevant information. Customers can get greater personalized experiences through Alexa than they would through a regular chatbot. Plus, conversational AI, like Alexa, tends to be more engaging for customers.

What kind of AI is Siri?

Siri is a voice assistant type of conversational AI. Through voice recognition and language learning, Siri can offer support through interactions similar to human conversations. When you ask Siri a question or talk with this voice assistant, it will collect personalized data to better assist you in future inquiries and interactions. The more you speak with Siri, the more it will learn about your preferences and needs.

What is an Example of Conversational AI in Video Game Adjusting?

An example of conversational AI in video game adjusting is the Amazon Alexa Challenge. This challenge is designed to keep the conversation between you and the AI going. Unlike regular video games where conversations are limited to a select few dialogue options, conversational AI in video games keeps you immersed and engaged through developing dialogue. The more you play, the more the AI can learn to continue the interaction.

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